The horticulture teaching greenhouses as seen from the horticulture demonstration gardens

Our students enjoy using excellent facilities in the Plant and Soil Sciences Building (PSSB) which include classrooms, laboratories, 25,550 ft² of teaching greenhouses.






Our greenroof

The PSSB also hosts a 2,000 ft² green roof.







The MSU Horticultural Demonstration Gardens

The award-winning Horticultural Demonstration Gardens, 4-H Children’s Garden and Lewis Arboretum surround the PSSB and offer many opportunities for study and employment.






Hoophouses at the MSU Student Organic Farm

Other facilities include the 180 acre Horticulture Teaching and Research Center (HTRC) on south campus, including the 10 acre Student Organic Farm; 120,000 ft² of research greenhouses and four off-campus farms totaling more than 1,330 acres.