Distinguished Members

SHA Distiguished Members

A Distiguished Member of MSU‘s Student Horticulture Association is one who stays active in the club throughout the semester and is not afraid to commit to volunteer events. Distiguished membership is awarded per semester. 




Qualifications to be a Distinguished member (per semester):

  • A member of MSU Student Horticulture Association
  • 75% or greater attendence record at MSU SHA meetings
  • Attended at least 3 SHA volunteer oportunities


This honor system started in Fall 2016 and records will be kept for 7 years. 

Distinguished Members By Semester (Newest - Oldest)

Spring 2017
  • Jocelyn Brumwell
  • Annie Levardsen
  • Jonathan Krebs
  • Lauren Scott
  • Cheyenne Sloan
  • Anthony Soster
  • Delainey Williams
Fall 2016
  • Kyle Bindseil
  • Jocelyn Brumwell
  • Annie Levardsen
  • Gabe Mack
  • Erin McMahan
  • Elise Tomaszewski
  • Delainey Williams