Garden Club of America’s Urban Forestry Fellowship

Month Due: January

The Garden Club of America (GCA) with the support of Casey Trees of Washington, DC, is soliciting applications for its national urban forestry fellowship. GCA has a history of interest in the health of the urban forest and would like to support young scientists in their undergraduate and graduate studies in this field.  The study areas of interest are far reaching, including urban forest management and planning as well as topics in biology, ecology, or human health that will specifically move urban forest science forward. The GCA Fellowship in Urban Forestry will be awarded in early 2017. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee at Casey Trees composed of practicing urban forestry scientists and professionals in related fields. Final selection is made by The Garden Club of America.
The fellowship is highly competitive and applicants must present clearly in their applications how they will advance the GCA’s goal of increasing future capacity in urban forestry research.
Eligibility: The fellowship is open to both graduate students and advanced undergraduates pursuing degrees in urban forestry, forestry, horticulture, environmental studies or a closely related field at any 4-year college or university degree program in the United States. Recipients must be students in the U.S. who will be enrolled as juniors or seniors or graduate students during the fellowship period (2017-18).  The award is for $5,000 and recipients may apply for one additional year of funding.

Application Process: For more information, online application forms, and past recipients, visit or contact Dr. Jessica Sanders at  or 202-349-1905.

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