Weed Control Research Assistant

Location: East Lansing, MI
Deadline: May 1, 2016

Need work on campus?
Interested in growing plants?

Consider working with us
doing weed control research…


  • Most Important: Interest in growing plants
  • PSM, Ag Science, Horticulture or related majors preferred, but not required
  • Self motivated, able to follow directions & willing to learn
  • Work in greenhouse and laboratory
  • Occasional weekend watering required
  • Flexible hours
  • In the summer, 20+ hours / week, depending on class schedule
  • Full time work possible in summer, if no classes
  • Continuation of employment in school year may be possible
  • During semester, <20 hours, depending on class schedule
  • Start work now, after finals or at beginning of summer term

~ Rate of pay dependent upon experience ~

Please email resume to (or for more information contact):
Jan Michael
355-0271 ext 1228