Landscape Construction Laborer 1

Deadline: April 4, 2014

Basic Function and Responsibility

Provide labor assistance in landscape installation and site restoration activities.

Work Hours & Days

Employment Period: April 1st 2014 – November 28th 2014*

Work Week: Monday – Friday 6:00am – 2:30pm

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Perform landscape installations including plant material, signage, site furniture, edging, and boulders.
  •  Assist with grading, digging, back filling, hauling, mowing, hoisting and loading operations with power driven equipment.
  •  Operate trucks including truck/trailer combinations for transporting heavy equipment, implements, materials and supplies.
  •  Assist in the installation of irrigation systems.
  •  Assist in the installation of retaining wall and brick pavers.
  •  Assist in the grading, seeding and sodding of lawn areas following project plans and adhering to soil erosion and sedimentation control guidelines.
  •  Assist in the transplanting and moving of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plant material.
  •  Assist in planting bed and turf area soil amendments verifying soil characteristics to provide optimum growing conditions.
  •  Assist in the training, inventory, security, safe operation, adjustment, care and cleaning of tools and equipment.  Routinely inspect assigned areas for evidence of disease, insects and other
  • pests, taking appropriate corrective action within the principles of Integrated Pest Management.
  •  Operate and perform regular maintenance to light and medium weight vehicles, such as daily oil checks, grease fittings, and tire pressure checks.
  •  Maintain routine records such as vehicle pre-trip and post-trip inspection reports.
  •  Perform manual labor to include shoveling and raking.

Related Duties

Perform related duties as assigned including but not necessarily related to:

  •   Erect and maintain street and pedestrian barricades, warning signs, fences and gates.

  •   Work with and assist other Landscape Services Department crews when necessary.

  •   Participate in football tailgate clean up.

Supervision Received

Supervision is received from a designated supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications

  •   One year experience performing maintenance and installation of landscape construction projects.

  •   Working knowledge of landscape tools, landscape equipment, horticultural methods and techniques used in the maintenance and installation of landscape projects.

  •   Possession or attainment of a MSU forklift operator’s permit prior to completion of applicable trial or probation period.

  •   Possession of a valid Michigan Class A Commercial Driver’s License with applicable endorsements and medical certificate to comply with State of Michigan requirements. Applicants must have a good driving record and submit their operator’s license number on their application form for a motor vehicle check.

  •   Must drive University vehicle to perform job duties of this classification.

  •   The ability to work in variable or severe weather conditions.

  •   Participation in Campus Snow Removal Plan.

  •   This position requires significant after-hours, weekends and holiday work.

  •   Frequent lifting of over 75 pounds.

This position requires, or will require prior to the completion of the probationary period: knowledge of basic personal computer terminology and operations, and the ability to use e-mail and the Internet.

All interested applicants are required to fill out an application and submit your resume by March 20th at the Landscape Services Building – 1060 Stadium Rd – East Lansing, MI 48824. Contact Adam Kingsbury at if you have any questions about the position.