Coveyou Scenic Farm Flower Greenhouse Manager Position

Location: Petoskey, MI
Deadline: July 15, 2016

Coveyou Scenic Farm is seeking a person to help us build our flower business as a working Greenhouse Manager. Responsibilities will include seeding, transplanting and care for plants, making up custom mixed containers, working with customers, merchandizing our flowers, perennial propagation and general greenhouse growing tasks. We have a small team to help during the planting season but the main responsibility for growing will be that of the Greenhouse Manager.

Successful applicants would be self-motivated, hard working, have a positive disposition, work well with others, think creatively to solve problems and are good at working independently. Experience working with flowers and knowledge of growing techniques, varieties and customer interaction skills required. Drive and attention to detail to grow truly outstanding quality plants a must.

Coveyou Scenic Farm is a 142-year old family farm that grows potted flowers, vegetables, fruit and makes Christmas decorations for direct sales to the public in Petoskey. We are expanding all areas of our farm operation as we grow to meet the demand for our high quality focused plants and produce.

Located on a hill overlooking Walloon Lake, the farm is ~300 acres with 25 acres in diverse organic vegetable production and a small orchard. We have 2 greenhouses for annual and perennial flowers. Our flower operation grows spring annual flowers, a wide array of potted perennials, field grown potted garden mums/asters and a small amount of cut flowers. Additionally, we use our greenhouses to grow certified organic vegetable transplants from seed for our own field planting as well as market sales. Most of our flowers are grown with certified organic growing practices.

We grow spring flowers with a focus on superb quality and variety. All of our flowers are grown from plugs/liners or seed on site. Our desire is to grow a wide range of the most interesting varieties to allow us to create unique hanging baskets, mixed containers and desirable looks our customer base appreciates. We presently do not bring in and resell other’s prefinished product.

We sell our flowers through our on farm market which brings customers to our location. We welcome applications from hard-working individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The Greenhouse Manager position is for individuals with a serious interest in growing outstanding flowers and in growing our on farm market flower business.

Applicants are requested to send a resume along with an email or cover letter describing your background, work experiences and passions that make you well suited for this position.

For more information contact:

David Coveyou Coveyou Scenic Farm Market

4160 US Highway 131

Petoskey, MI 49770