Community Forestry Specialist

Location: Bottineau, Walhalla or Lisbon, ND
Deadline: October 28, 2016

The Community Forestry Specialist works within the program goals and objectives set forth by the NDFS Community Forestry (CF) program and Community Forestry Manager. The CF Specialist assists local units of government and communities in proper management of their community forests on a state wide basis. Responsibilities include involvement in conducting forest health surveys and long-term monitoring of impacted community forests to improve forest health and slow the spread of invasive species and providing technical assistance to affected communities for tree removal and replacement to restore green infrastructure services, increase property values, conserve energy and mitigate wildland fire hazards. Duties require coordination, policy interpretation and individual initiatives to resolve issues as they arise. Specific areas of technical assistance provided to communities include identification and management of insects and disease, tree species selection, community project planning, design and funding, tree planting, care and removal, and tree problem diagnostic assistance.