2015 Spring Seminar Series

The spring seminar series will begin on Thursday, January 22nd and will run through Thursday, April 23rd. The schedule can be viewed and/or downloaded below. Seminars will be in A149 PSSB on Thursdays at 4:10 pm (refreshments served at 4:00pm). We have a diverse selection of speakers who will present research covering both basic and applied sciences. Please try to attend the seminars and encourage your colleagues and students to do so also. We want to encourage broad participation in this series.

Date Speaker Institution Seminar Title
January 22 Robin Buell MSU, Plant Biology Genome biology of wild and cultivated potato.
January 29 Amy Iezzoni MSU, Horticulture The making of RosBREED 2.
February 5 TBA
February 12
Zack Huang MSU, Entomology Dealing with major threats to honey bees and
food security: Varroa mites and Nosema ceranae.
February 19 Glenn Alers UC Santa Cruz Converting green light to red light plus electricity with a luminescent greenhouse covering.
February 26
Jared Ali MSU, Entomology Above-below ground interactions with insects and plant defense: Interpretations are context dependent.
March 5 Ryan Warner MSU, Horticulture Utilizing genetics and genomics to elucidate crop timing and quality traits in petunia.
March 12 Spring Break
March 19 Ben Werling MSU Extension Natural pest control in cropland is shaped by
surrounding landscapes.
March 26 Ajay Nair* Iowa State University Sustainable vegetable production from the
land of corn and hogs!
April 2 TBA
April 9 Elizabeth Mitcham Horticulture Innovation Lab, UC Davis The Horticulture Innovation Lab: Past Successes and Future Plans
April 16 Parwinder Grewal University of Tennessee Resilient food systems: Feeding the nine billion through urban agriculture
April 23 Jim Wolpert** Distinguished Alumni A Spartan went West: Lessons learned in California Winegrape Extension and UC Administration

*Horticulture Organization of Graduate Students (HOGS) invited speaker
**Sylvan Wittwer Department of Horticulture Outstanding Alumni Speaker