Extension — Dr. Ronald Perry , Professor

Technical Resource for workshops and field meetings for: tree fruit rootstocks, apple high density management systems, field diagnostics, nursery and propagation work, pruning and training techniques, soil problems and HD Tart Cherry for Over-The-Row harvest work.

Videos and Presentations for Growers and Students:

1.  Planting and Orchard Establishment

  • The Benefits of Trunk Mounding in Honeycrisp Production (NW Orchard and Vineyard Show; Jan 26, 2012; Traverse City, MI)

2.  Rootstocks for Tree Fruit in Michigan

3.  Orchard and Vineyard Sites and Soils

4.  Training and Pruning Systems for Orchards

5. Home Fruit Production




5.  Micro-Irrigation for Orchards and Vineyards in Michigan

Dr. Ronald Perry , Professor

Dr. Ronald Perry

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