2015 New Hosta Arbor

New Betty Hagaman Hosta Shade Arbor Installed in Gardens

Over the last few years, the trees (Bradford pears) shading our hosta collection have been hard-hit by ice storms! After the winter of 2013, no trees remained and by midsummer many hosta leaves were burnt by the bright sun. We needed to move the garden or provide some shade! Thanks to a generous gift from Ronald and Betty Hagaman, we were able to create shade and enhance our display by constructing a new hosta arbor. Over the years, Betty and RonHagaman worked many hours in the Horticulture Gardens and Beal Gardens. Betty contributed several hostas to the Gardens and loved them dearly. The structure will be dedicated in honor of Betty Hagaman.

After construction was completed in August, Perennial Garden Manager Renata Reibitz  put together a beautiful design including nearly 100 cultivars.

We also wish to thank volunteer Jerry Nester, who donated numerous hosta cultivars from his collection.

We are very pleased how the new arbor and design seem to fit perfectly in the gardens.

Ice storm damage to last of the Bradford pears No shade after the trees were removed Construction begins Setting the footings The structure begins to rise from the footings. The shading is added Nearly finished! The planting begins! The planting continues A stone walk is added The design will take a year or two to fully establish - but a very good start! Looking back to the Annual Gardens from the new structure The finished product!