2012 VIP Garden

VIP - stands for Vegetables and Insect Pollinators! A unique garden in our collection since it promotes diversity, pollinator plants, vegetables and unique trellising systems for taking our garden vertical!

Last winter was so mild, rosemary and artichokes overwintered - the later resulting in 3 artichokes! For those of you who do not know, the artichoke we eat is actually an immature flower. It only forms after the plant has gone through a cold period. COmmerically, the majority of artichokes in our markets come from California - in fact Castroville CA holds a yearly artichoke festival!

Katie put in a cover crop of rye to help build the soil last fall The vegetable garden beds after rototilling this spring The garden in June - the first trellises are going up Our popular bee hotel - popular with bees and interested visitors! Penstemon 'Dark Towers' put on quite a show this year in the pollinator garden Bee hotel open for business Different bee species like different hole diameters A bean trellis (left) and bamboo tomato cage (right) Rufus Isaacs burned us a nice sign Tomato trellis/cage in place The 'Stairway to the Sky' trellis - for hyacinth runner beans Our very own artichoke - the plant overwintered - amazing Cucumber trellises in front Our native plant border at the back of the VIP Garden Volunteers Bill and Linda helped build yet even more trellises! By mid-July, the vegies are really starting to show off