2012 Spring in the MSU Horticulture Gardens

2012 Early Spring in the gardens - a range of native and non-native plants - plus some new additions to the VIP (Vegetables and Insect Pollinator) garden!

Baptisia Baptisia en masse! A new Butterfly chair in the gardens New Butterfly chair overlooking 4H CHildren's Garden Camassia leichtlinii Cover crop of rye in Vegetable garden Geranium maculatum - our native geranium Geum triflorum - our native prairie smoke Our bee hotel and new sign in the VIP garden VIP garden scene (Vegetables and Insect Pollinators) Our new bee hives - Peony 'Superior' Peony Aquilegia canadensis - our native columbine Judith DeLapa Perennial Garden scene Senecio obovatus - a Michigan native Peony Paula Fay