Cacti and Succulents for the Michigan Garden
Cacti and succulents are a hot trend right now, and not only just as houseplants. Discover how to utilize these unusual and resilient plants outdoors in your Michigan garden. Some varieties grow incredibly fast outdoors and can hold their own as annuals, while others are hardy perennials able to survive Michigan winters. Join us for this indoor/outdoor workshop where each attendee will receive a selection of cuttings to grow at home. Daedre McGrath, Annual Trial Garden Manager, MSU Horticulture Gardens

50 Garden Ideas & French Lavender Goat Milk Soap Making
Scott and his staff offer trips throughout the world focusing on culture and gardens. During this presentation, he will share many of the creative ideas he has brought home. You will learn simple and affordable decorative ideas for the garden, home, and even entertaining! Scott’s presentation will focus on Monet’s Garden, as well as French artist cues and creations. While he speaks, guests will knead goat milk soap, while infusing French lavender and essential oils. Scott Stokes, Co-owner, Southern Exposure Herb Farm

Attracting Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Other Pollinators
Pollinators are essential to most flowering plants and we cannot live without them. Renata Reibitz will discuss how to best utilize plants and attract pollinators to your garden. Renata Reibitz, Horticulturist, Retired from MSU Horticulture Gardens

Herbaceous Perennial Garden Tour
Join Dr. Art Cameron, Director of the MSU Horticulture Gardens, on a tour of our perennial collections. Art will show you some of his favorite plants and point out exceptional plant combinations. He will also go into detail about maintenance, plant propagation and plant division. There should be plenty of time for questions! Learn the latest about great herbaceous perennials that have performed well in our display gardens. This entertaining and informative garden walk will give you plenty of ideas for your own home garden! Dr. Art Cameron, Director, MSU Horticulture Gardens

Garden-Sized Trees

Budding garden designers learn early on that woody plants become the basic framework or “bones” of a garden. When it comes to choosing trees for the home landscape, mistakes can be made. Somehow, over time, that cute, “little” garden plant grows into a space-hoggin’ Goliath! Join Rebecca Finneran in looking at a wide variety of trees to fit every garden size. Rebecca Finneran, Extension Horticulture Educator, Michigan State University

Don’t Let Your OAK WILT

The lethal disease known as oak wilt is rapidly spreading throughout Michigan. Learn how to diagnose the disease and differentiate it from other landscape issues. Avoidance of this costly disease and management of existing oak wilt sites will be discussed. Dr. David Roberts, Senior Academic Specialist, Michigan State University

Close Entomology of the Gardening Kind

Are you intrigued, curious, or even a little frightened by the insects you cross paths with in your own garden? Come learn more about them, including basic identification characteristics, signs of their presence, and ones you may encounter on a regular basis. Be prepared to scout for insects through the perennial gardens! Bethany Troy, Perennial Garden Manager, MSU Horticulture Gardens

Pressed Flower Art Techniques
Learn how you can preserve the flowers of spring and summer to enjoy their beauty all year long! Framed art, greeting cards and bookmarks can be created as gifts or home décor. Join us to learn the techniques of pressing flowers and create your own masterpiece to take home! Tressa McAllister and Kris BeLonge, Flower Pressing Co-Chairs, Meridian Garden Club

Growing Soup

As the seasons transition from summer to fall, our palate often takes a turn to warm soups and fall flavors. Our workshop will offer ideas for cultivating a soup garden, recipes for delicious soups and savory salads, and much more. Recipes and samples will be provided to all participants. Jessica Wright, Education Coordinator, Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden and Val Albright, Program Associate, MSU Extension