Helen Yoest

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Helen Yoest is a frequent speaker for botanicals garden, horticultural societies, Master Gardener groups, as well as garden clubs.

As a garden scout, producer, and writer, Helen has published garden stories in most National magazines, such as Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, Country Gardens, Better Homes and Gardens, and Traditional Homes. Helen is also a regular radio and television guest.

She lectures coast-to-coast, mainly on her book topics listed below:
(These books will be available for purchase at Garden Day.)

Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, & Veggies in Your Garden

Gardening With Confidence: 50 Ways to add style for personal creativity

Good Berry Bad BerryWhos Edible, Whos Not, & How to tell the difference 

As director of, Helen also lectures on pollinators. Bee Better is plant-centric, with a mission to help homeowners build better backyards for birds, bees, & butterflies.
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The Layered Garden Book Cover by David L. CulpMorning Keynote: Plants with Benefits

Who knew that asparagus, chocolate, wild mushrooms and carrots can add extra spark to your candlelight dinner? Plant detective, Helen Yoest, takes us on a romp through history, lore, and ethnobotany to find out how 50 plants got their hot reputation – and what modern science has to say about it.

An expert gardener and award-winning writer, Helen blends wit, wisdom and history into a must-read reference for plant lovers, food lovers, or just lovers! The book also includes mouth-watering recipes, as well as tips for planting your own garden of delights!



A perennial that can extend your seasonsAfternoon Keynote: My Forever Garden

A new buzz term, “forever house”, is where perfectly healthy individuals renovate their home to meet their needs in the future. The same can be said for the term “forever garden

As the years went on, I took a long hard look at my garden- a half-acre edible, bird, bee, and butterfly garden. After having gardened here for 12 years, I decided to put on my “senior” glasses and look to my future.

The plan was to renovate my garden over a five-year period. My “forever garden” has everything I want and is designed to be managable. Now if I want to delegate the maintenance, it can be easily accomplished with little direction. In this session, learn how to create a plan for your own “forever garden” that can bring you years of future enjoyment!