Meet a Faculty Member: Susan Gruber

posted on September 7, 2016 9:26am

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As Michigan State University adopts a new scheduling system for the coming academic year, Susan Gruber, the new undergraduate advisor for the agronomy and turfgrass students (crop and soil sciences major), encourages students to make academic advising appointments a priority.

Student Success Dashboard is the new interface for scheduling advising appointments and requires a learning curve, according to Gruber. However, the academic advisor urges students to learn and understand the new system.  

Students are encouraged to see their academic counselor once or twice a year, or as often as needed. Academic advisors are responsible for assisting students with navigating financial aid, class scheduling, and connecting students to tutors and other academic resources.

However, unlike other universities, MSU does not require students to meet with their academic advisor following their freshmen Academic Orientation Program.

“The students that throw themselves under the bus are the ones who don’t see an advisor,” Gruber said. “It’s not just in our department, it’s across the university. There’s nothing to compel  you to see an academic advisor.”

Gruber also encourages her students to stop in without an appointment. Although an appointment is preferred, “My door is always open,” Gruber said.

Gruber’s position is to encourage potential students to enroll in programs within PSM and to assist them with their journey through MSU. During the freshmen Academic Orientation Program, Gruber meets formally with new students to help them learn more about the major and to help with course selection and scheduling.   

Since 2008, Gruber has worked for the Department of Horticulture as an undergraduate advisor. In June 2016, she began working with the agronomy and turf students.

“There is some new stuff, enough to make it fun, but not overwhelming,” Gruber said.

A large percent of CSS undergraduate students are transfer students who are new to the university.

“This makes it a little more fun because these students are a little more motivated to get finished as quickly as possible,” Gruber said.

As classes begin and the new year festivities commence, students are encouraged to make an academic appointment using Student Success Dashboard, or simply swing by Susan Gruber’s office.

“It’s great if you can make an appointment, but if you can’t, or something pops into your head, [students] shouldn’t hesitate to just stop by,” Gruber said.  

Gruber looks forward to meeting the agronomy and turfgrass students and to working with all of them.  She’s located in A164 Plant and Soil Sciences Building.