MSU Horticulture Alumni

So, you've graduated from the MSU Horticulture program. You have been working for maybe a couple years, a decade, maybe even a lifetime in the industry and you have always wondered, where are those friends I remember from my school days of old? Wishing you could find out what mischief they are up to, or even what other MSU Horticulture people are doing. That's what we are hoping to accomplish, to reestablish connections to your classmates, colleagues and other riffraff that like plants and MSU.

We have started a listserv which enables everyone to stay in touch through email. If you have not given Bob Herner your email, please update it by sending it to him at If you are already on the listserv, you can email everyone by sending an email to

We hope you will stay in touch, send us stories and pictures and we will see you soon!


Our Mission

Why should there be a Horticulture Alumni Association?

  1. To provide better communication between the department and its alumni.

  2. To provide better communication between alumni.

  3. To provide opportunities for alumni and others to get together in several different kinds of social activities.

  4. To develop a newsletter of interest to alumni.

  5. To provide information about those seeking employment and employers.

  6. To promote horticulture and to help recruit new students.

  7. To raise funds for the department for research, student scholarships, etc.