Homeowner Resources

The Michigan State University Horticulture Department is dedicated in helping the public by answering your at-home garden questions. In order to help you find information, we have organized resources which can help.

♦ The MSU Extension Lawn and Garden Hotline - 1-888-MSUE-4-MI. Select option "1" and you can talk with a horticulture educator or Master Gardener Volunteer.

Gardening In Michigan is a web site is one you won't want to miss! It also has an "Ask an Expert" (on the home page) if you have a specific question. You can easily upload a photo to them as well.

♦ The County Extension Office has a section of the website dedicated to home & garden. You can find information ranging from lawn care, insect identification, pest management, growing vegetables, and more.

Extension News for Agriculture

♦ The Area of Extpertise Teams (AoE) offers detailed information on horticulture-related areas including Christmas trees, fruits, ornamentals, and vegetables.

♦ Our Additional Links webpage offers a compiled list of links to visit for information organized by floriculture, fruit, gardening, nursery/landscape, vegetable, and other general links.

♦ The MSU Extension Bulletin Office sells informational videos and guides related to horticulture. Use the drop-down menu to select Gardening, flowers, houseplants, and ornamentals.

A house with potted flowers in the yard