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The Horticultural Organization of Graduate Students (HOGS) is the graduate student organization within the Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University. Coming together with diverse projects, backgrounds, and interests provides a source of enrichment, camaraderie, and academic support not found in the classroom, lab, or field. Monthly meetings facilitate discussion on departmental issues resulting in a unified graduate student voice in decisions. In addition to monthly meetings, HOGS members attend the annual research symposium, HOGS grass sale, and social events like broomball, camping trips, holiday parties, etc. Visit our facebook "MSU HOGS" to see the recent activities.

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Schedule of Upcoming Events & Meetings

Hogs meetings are the third Friday of the month at PSSB A271 at 12pm.  Hope everyone can attend!

HOGS Officers 2015-2016

Presidents - QiuXia Chen and Brian Poel

Treasurer - Stefan Cerbin

Secretary - Brooke Comer

Graduate Programs Committee Rep - Markah Frost

Faculty Rep - Brent Crain 

COGS Rep - Shital Poudyal

Professional Development Chairs - Ben Mansfeld and Qingwu (William) Meng

Grass Sale Growers - Chris Gottschalk and Amber Bassett

Social Chairs - Yujin Park and Kristen Andersen

Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Ryan Warner

(2015 ASHS Meeting, New Orleans, LA)


Hall of Presidents

Throughout the years, the Horticulture Organization of Graduate Students has had many great students serve the organization as an elected officer. The following people have held the position of president since 1989. We are thankful to all of these past presidents for their time and commitment to HOGS and for continuing the HOGS legacy.

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HOGS Travel Grants

  • To be given twice a year to deserving, active members of HOGS
  • Apply in December if event is between January 1 and June 30: Application form
  • 25% of HOGS total worth (checking, money market, etc.) will be allotted for the travel grants.
  • Each travel grant will be valued at up to $300, and in extreme cases of need up to $500.
  • The number of awards given may vary from year to year depending on the total net worth. If more applicants apply than money is available, applicants will be voted on based on financial need and club participation.
  • Those students working towards a masters degree will be allowed one travel grant. Those students pursuing a PhD will be allowed two grants.

Financial Supplement for End of Degree

In an effort to ease the financial burden of printing the first copy of your thesis/dissertation, HOGS has agreed to award a degree completion grant to HOGS members. Graduate students completing a master's or doctorate degree in the department of horticulture will be awarded $95.00 or $105.00, respectively. To be eligible for a degree completion grant, you must be a member of HOGS in good standing ($10 annual membership dues paid).

This application applies to all horticulture graduate students who meet any 2 of the 3 following requirements during any part of their term as a graduate student:

  • Participate in a fundraiser (annual grass sale or other). These duties may include, but are not limited to: ordering plant material, maintenance, advertisements, setup/cleanup, selling plant material, etc.
  • Attend, participate, and/or advertise monthly meetings and/or social events.
  • Hold an appointed position in HOGS.

If you feel that you have met these requirements, after your thesis has been accepted by the Graduate School, please fill out the Financial Supplement for Thesis Printing Form and return to the current HOGS president.