Washington State University Apricot Cultivar Releases

Parents: Rival x P63-265(Goldrich x unknown)
Cross made in 1970 by Tom Toyama.
Tested as PA7005-8.

Tomcot apricot Tomcot apricot

U.S. Plant Patent (#7034) assigned to Washington State University Research Foundation
and licensed in North America to the Northwest Nursery Improvement Institute.

      Tomcot is one of the earliest-ripening selections obtained in the apricot-breeding program at Prosser. The fruit ripens in early July, 2.5 weeks before Wenatchee and 4 days before Goldstrike and Goldbar. It is medium-large, up to 5.4 cm in diameter, and slightly oval with a distinct suture. The skin is a light-orange color and slightly glossy. A trace of blush develops on the side that is exposed to the sun. The flesh is light orange, very firm, moderately juicy, sweet and of good flavor. Some acidity is associated with the skin. The pit is medium-large and free from the flesh. Tomcot is not suitable for canning.

Tomcot apricot

      Trees of Tomcot are large, spreading and vigorous. The flowers are self-fertile, but cross pollination is recommended. Fruit set is heavy. Early thinning is recommended.