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Growing Your Own Balaton® Tree

Tart cherry trees, including Balaton®, can be grown in the northern third of the United States. In the South, the trees do not have the sufficiently long winters required for normal bud development. Additionally, the humid and hot conditions in southern climates result in extreme disease and insect pressure. Trees should only be planted where temperatures never dip below -20 F, since such extremely cold temperatures can result in severe damage to the trunk tissue causing tree death.

Because tart cherries bloom early in the spring, production is best if they are planted on slightly higher or sloped ground and not in the cold air pockets in lower areas. The trees should be planted in full sun and in well-drained light soils. Balaton® is self-fertile and therefore does not need to be planted with a pollinator tree.

Balaton® Pruning Instuctions
The following Michigan State University web site explains how to care for your Balaton® tree:

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