Sustainable Crop Production, Food Systems and Agroecology

Protecting the planet and people while providing profit

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Organic Food Production in Hoop Houses



Related Courses


Related Courses



  • Dr. Cornelius Barry: Biochemical Evolution of Specialized Metabolism within the Solanaceae Family; Genetic Determinants of Fruit Quality and Ripening
  • Dr. Bridget K. Behe: Marketing of horticultural crops, both edible and ornamental
  • Dr. John Biernbaum: Organic crop production; production and use of compost for fertility, transplant media and water extracts (tea) for managing soil and plant health.
  • Dr. Daniel Brainard: Development of reduced-tillage, cover-crop intensive vegetable production systems; weed ecology and management, with an emphasis on seed biology
  • Dr. Bert Cregg: Physiology and management of trees in landscapes and nursery production
  • Dr. Tom Fernandez: Sustainability of wholesale production nurseries, water management and quality
  • Dr. Kristin Getter: Floriculture, Green Roofs
  • Dr. Eric Hanson: Mineral nutrition and fertilizer use in fruit production; high-tunnel berry crop production; cover crops and weed management
  • Dr. Amy Iezzoni: Sour cherry breeding for fruit quality and disease resistance; cherry genetics; marker-assisted breeding; cherry rootstock selection.
  • Dr. Gregory Lang: Tree fruit horticulture, physiology, and genetic evaluation, including high efficiency training systems and orchard climatic modification systems
  • Dr. Haddish Melakeberhan: Integrated and sustainable nematode, nutrient cycling, and soil health management in cropping systems.
  • Dr. Erik Runkle: Lighting applications for greenhouses and controlled environments; light-emitting diodes; greenhouse energy conservation; crop production in controlled environments
  • Dr. Paolo Sabbatini: Grapevine physiology; photosynthetic carbon assimilation and partitioning; viticulture; cultivar evaluation of Michigan.
  • Dr. Tom Zabadal: Vineyard establishment; vineyard mechanization; vine training systems; table grape production; cultivar evaluation.
  • Dr. Bernard Zandstra: Weed control in fruit, vegetables, and Christmas trees; registration of new pesticides.


Internships and Careers

Our students find internship and career opportunities in:

  • Production
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Research

In addition, our graduates often open their own business enterprises such as fruit or vegetable production, landscape design/build and maintenance companies, nurseries, greenhouses and garden centers.

Job and Internship Links:

MSU Horticulture’s Jobs and Internships Site

Sustainable Farming Internships

Sustainable Food Jobs

Careers In Horticulture, The American Society for Horticultural Science

The Land Lovers

Other Educational Opportunities and Resources

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Specialization

Ecological Food and Farming Systems Specialization

Center for Regional Food Systems 

Student Organic Farm

Sustainable Ag and Food Systems

Opportunities for independent study, research projects, and lab experiences:

Most faculty offer undergraduate research experience opportunities.  Information about ongoing projects can be found on individual faculty web pages above.  The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) also provides funding opportunities for undergraduate research.