Plant and Crop Physiology and Biochemistry

Promoting sustainable crop production, improving plant productivity and quality, reducing postharvest losses, understanding how plants sense and respond to abiotic stress, probing the diversity of plant specialized metabolism, and understanding fundamental mechanisms of growth and development

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Researcher in a plant biochemistry lab




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  • Dr. Cornelius Barry: Biochemical Evolution of Specialized Metabolism within the Solanaceae Family; Genetic Determinants of Fruit Quality and Ripening
  • Dr. Randy Beaudry: Postharvest biology and technology; controlled atmosphere storage of pome fruit, modified atmosphere packaging; sugarbeet storage, ripening biology and aroma volatile biochemistry.
  • Dr. Daniel Brainard: Development of reduced-tillage, cover-crop intensive vegetable production systems; weed ecology and management, with an emphasis on seed biology
  • Dr. Bert Cregg: Physiology and management of trees in landscapes and nursery production
  • Dr. Tom Fernandez: Sustainability of wholesale production nurseries, water management and quality
  • Dr. James Flore: Carbon assimilation and partitioning by fruit crops; effects of biotic and abiotic stress on assimilation and carbon partitioning.
  • Dr. Rebecca Grumet: Reproductive development in Cucumis; regulation of sex-expression; disease resistance; biotechnology biosafety.
  • Dr. Kyung-Hwan Han: Molecular biology of secondary growth; secondary wall biosynthesis; feedstock development for bioenergy and biomaterials; drought tolerance
  • Dr. Courtney Hollender
  • Dr. Ning Jiang: Function of transposable elements; mechanisms of genome diversification; computational and molecular biology.
  • Dr. Wayne Loescher: Stress physiology, carbohydrate partitioning and photosynthesis.
  • Dr. Muraleedharan Nair: Bioactive natural products: Functional foods and Phytoceuticals. Discovery, isolation, purification, identification and standardization of bioactive molecules; efficacy, dose and toxicity evaluation; formulation and process development.
  • Dr. Erik Runkle: Lighting applications for greenhouses and controlled environments; light-emitting diodes; greenhouse energy conservation; crop production in controlled environments
  • Dr. Paolo Sabbatini: Grapevine physiology; photosynthetic carbon assimilation and partitioning; viticulture; cultivar evaluation of Michigan.
  • Dr. Guo-Qing Song: Improvement of horticultural crops using genomics, genetic, and biotechnological tools; development of efficient plant micropropagation, regeneration and transformation techniques.
  • Dr. Steve van Nocker: Developmental genetics of plants, traits important for production including flowering and abscission, natural variation, chromat
  • Dr. Ryan Warner: Genetics of plant development; genomics-assisted breeding; marker-assisted selection; floriculture crops.


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