What Will a Degree from MSU do for Me?

An horticulture degree from MSU will prepare you to meet the challenges of an expanding, high technology, multibillion-dollar industry. Possible professional activities after graduation include:

  • Plant Production/Sales
  • Public Gardens (managing landscapes/plant collections, education)
  • Marketing (of horticultural products)
  • Research (to improve yields/qualities)
  • Teaching (training others)
  • Industry Support (consultant, technical services)
  • Plant Inspection
  • Landscape Construction and Management
  • Landscape Design
  • Communications (writing for horticulture magazines)
  • Pest Management

Our colleagues at the University of Kentucky have outlined some detailed descriptions of job opportunities available to horticulture graduates.  

Recent statistics (below) show the median income of agriculture and natural resource majors (of which horticulture is included).

Median Income by Major 2013