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Are natives the answer


Cregg, B. 2015. Trees and Turf: Can't we all just get along? The Michigan Landscape 58(1):32-35.

Cregg, B. 2014. Right tree-right place: Flooding and poor drainage. The Michigan Landscape 57(4):39-43.

Cregg, B. 2014. Right tree-Right place: Alkaline soils. The Michigan Landscape 57(6):43-47.

Cregg, B. and D. Ellison. 2013. Urban tree selection in a changing climate.  The Michigan Landscape 56(6): 28-30.

Stelzer, H. and B. Cregg. 2013. FAQ's for helping your tree survive during a drought. Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) 6 pp.

Fulbright et al. 2012. Phompsis Spruce Decline. The Michigan Landscape. 55(5):30-32.

Cregg, B. 2012. A homeowner's guide to nutrition and fertilziation of landscape trees and shrubs.

Cregg, B. 2012. Alternative conifers for Michigan landscapes. 

Cregg, B. and K. Frank. 2011. A Homeowner's guide to Imprelis herbicide injury in landscape trees.

Cregg, B. 2011. Going native with Michigan trees. The Michigan Landscape 54(3): 31-34.

Cregg, B. 2011. Beyond blue spruce: Uncommon conifers for Michigan Landscapes. Meadowbrook Garden Club. Rochester, MI, March 24, 2011.

Cregg, B. 2011. Effect of organic mulches on soil properties, physiology, and growth of landscape shrubs. SE Oakland County Water Authority, Bingham farms, MI, March 8, 2011.

Cregg, B. 2011. Tree selection for urban communities: natives, exotics, and common sense. Global Re-Leaf of Michigan, Midland, MI, Feb. 23, 2011.

Extension Bulletins

Schutzki, R. and B. Cregg. 2007 Abiotic plant disorders. A diagnostic guide to problem-solving. MSU Extension Bulletin E-2996. 16 pp.

Cregg, B. and R. Schutzki. 2006. Recommended ash alternatives for Michigan's Lower Peninusula. MSU Extension Bulletin E-2925. 12 pp.

Pot-in-Pot production

Cregg, B.M., W. Klooster, R.T. Fernandez, and P. Nzokou. 2009. Container production for living Christmas trees. Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal 4(1): 37-41.

Cregg, B.M. 2006. Pot-in-Pot Research at MSU: A growing partnership. The Michigan Landscape 49:49-52.


"Conifer Corner" articles from the Michigan Landscape magazine

Conifers by size class:

Miniature conifers

Dwarf conifers

Intermediate conifers

Large conifers

Conifers by form class

Pendulous conifers


Broad upright

Narrow upright



Irregular conifers

Culturally altered

Conifers by species

Deciduous conifers

25 years of the Harper Conifer Collection

Remembering Chub Harper

Conifer species profiles from the Great Lakes Christmas Tree Journal

Fraser fir

Korean fir

Nordmann fir

Concolor fir

Other topics

Conifer nutrition
Cregg. B.M. 2004.The cold truth about winter injury. The Landsculptor. February 2004. p 34-3
2003.ABC's of tree nutrition: Part 1.The Landsculptor. August 2003. p. 23-25.
Cregg, B.M. 2003. ABC's of tree nutrition: Part 2.The Landsculptor. September 2003. p. 21-23.


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