Research Publications — Dr. Bert Cregg, Associate Professor

Selected Publications:

Ellison, D.S., R. Schutzki, P. Nzokou, B. Cregg. 2016. Root growth potential, water relations and carbohydrate status of ash alternative species following pre-plant storage. Urban Forestry and Urban greening (in press).

Tanis, S. R., McCullough, D. G., & Cregg, B. M. 2015. Effects of paclobutrazol and fertilizer on the physiology, growth and biomass allocation of three Fraxinus species. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 14: 590-598.

Whittinghill, L. J., Rowe, D. B., Andresen, J. A., & Cregg, B. M. 2015. Comparison of stormwater runoff from sedum, native prairie, and vegetable producing green roofs. Urban Ecosystems, 18(1), 13-29.

Pershey, N. A., Cregg, B. M., Andresen, J. A., & Fernandez, R. T. 2015. Irrigating Based on Daily Water Use Reduces Nursery Runoff Volume and Nutrient Load Without Reducing Growth of Four Conifers. HortScience, 50(10), 1553-1561

Whittinghill, L. J., Rowe, D. B., Schutzki, R., & Cregg, B. M. 2014. Quantifying carbon sequestration of various green roof and ornamental landscape systems. Landscape and Urban Planning, 123, 41-48.

Aćimović, S. G., VanWoerkom, A. H., Reeb, P. D., Vandervoort, C., Garavaglia, T., Cregg, B. M., & Wise, J. C. 2014.  Spatial and temporal distribution of trunk‐injected imidacloprid in apple tree canopies. Pest management science, 70(11), 1751-1760.

Taylor, J.T., R.T. Fernandez, P. Nzokou, and B.M. Cregg. 2013. Carbon isotope discrimination, gas exchange, and growth of container-grown conifers under cyclic irrigation.  HortScience 48:848-854.

Whittinghill, L.J., D.B. Rowe, and B.M. Cregg. 2013. Evaluation of vegetable production on extensive green roofs. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 37:465-484.

Klooster, W.S., B.M. Cregg, R.T. Fernandez, and P. Nzokou. 2012. Growth and physiology of deciuous shade trees in repsone to controlled release fertilizer. Sciencia Horticulturae 135:71-79.

Tanis, S.R., B.M. Cregg, D. Mota-Sanchez, D.G. McCullough, and T.M. Poland. 2012. Spatial and temporal distribution of trunk-injected 14C-imidacloprid in Fraxinus trees. Pest Manag Sci. 68: 529-536.

Kim, S. and B.M. Cregg. 2012. Emerging methods for diagnostics and mitigation of crop environmental stress in a changing climate. HortScience 46:684-686.

Mota-Sanchez, D., B. Cregg, E. Hoffmann, J. Flore, and J.C. Wise. 2012. Penetrative and dislodgeable residue characteristics of 14C insecticides in apple fruit. J. Agric. Food Chem. 60: 2958-2966.

Warsaw, A.L., R.T. Fernandez, D.R. Kort, B.M. Cregg, B. Rowe, and C. Vandervoort. 2012. Remediation of metalaxyl, trifluralin, and nitrate from nursery runoff using container-grown woody ornamentals and phytoremediation areas. Ecol Engineering 47:254-263.

Kulac, S., P. Nzokou, D. Guney, B.M. Cregg, and I. Turna. 2012. Growth and Physiological Response of Fraser Fir [Abies fraseri (Pursh) Poir.] Seedlings to Water Stress: Seasonal and Diurnal Variations in Photosynthetic Pigments and Carbohydrate Concentration. HortScience 47:1512-1519

Wilson, A.R., P. Nzokou, and B.M.Cregg 2010. Ground covers in Fraser fir produciton: Effects on soil fertility, tree morphology and folair nutrient status. European J. Hort. Sci. 75(6) S. 269-277.

Klooster, W.S., B.M. Cregg, R.T. Fernandez, and P. Nzokou. 2010. Growth and photosynthetic response of Pot-in-pot-grown conifers to substrate and controlled-release fertilizer. HortScience 45:36-42.

Nzokou, P. and B.M. Cregg. 2010. Growth, biomass, and nitrogen use efficiency of containerized Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) as related to irrigation and nitrogen fertilization. HortScience 45:946-951.

Nzokou, P. and B.M. Cregg. 2010. Morphology and foliar chemistry of containerized Abies fraseri seedlings as affected by water availability and nutrition. Ann. For. Sci. 67:602-611.

Mota-Sanchez, D., B.M. Cregg, D,G,. McCullough, T,M. Poland, R.M. Hollingworth. 2009. Distribution of trunk-injected 14 C-imidacloprid in ash trees and effects on emerald ash borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) adults. Crop Protection 28:655-661.

Cregg, B.M. P. Nzokou, and R. Goldy. 2009. Growth and physiology of newly planted fraser fir (Abies fraseri) and colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) Christmas trees in response to mulch and irrigation. HortScience 44:660-665.

Cregg, B.M. and R. Schutzki. 2009. Weed control and organic mulches affect physiology and growth of landscape shrubs. HortScience 44:1419-1424.

Gooch, N.J., P. Nzokou, and B.M. Cregg. 2009. Effect of indoor exposure on the cold hardiness and physiology of containerized Christmas trees. HortTechnology 19:72-77.

Warsaw, A.L., R.T. Fernandez, B.M. Cregg and J.A. Andresen. 2009. Water conservation, growth, and water use efficiency of container grown woody ornamentals irrigated based on daily water use. HortScience 44:1308-1318.

Nzokou, P. and B.M. Cregg and J. O'Donnell. 2008. Alternative leader growth control for Fraser fir and Korean fir. Northern J. Appl. Forestry 25:52-54.

Jones, G.E. and B.M. Cregg. 2006. Screening exotic firs for the Midwestern United States: Interspecific variation in adaptive traits. HortScience 41:242-328.

Jones, G.E. and B.M. Cregg. 2006. Budbreak and winter injury in exotic firs. HortScience 41:143-148.

Rothstein, D.E., and B.M. Cregg. 2005. Effects of nitrogen form on nutrient uptake and physiology of Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) For. Ecol. and Mgmt.219 69-80.

Zhang, J. and B.M. Cregg. 2005. Growth and physiological responses to varied environments among populations of Pinus ponderosa. For. Ecol and Mgmt. 219 1-12.

Duck, M.W., B.M. Cregg, R.T. Fernandez, and R.D. Heins 2004. Height control of Picea spp. and Chamaecyparis lawsoniana with Uniconazole and 6-Benzyladenine Journal of Environmental Horticulture 22:165-169.

Duck, M.W., B.M. Cregg, R.T. Fernandez, and R.D. Heins 2004. Controlling growth of conifers with six common plant growth retardants. HortTechnology 14(4) 1-5.

Cregg, B.M., M.W. Duck, C.M. Rios, D.B. Rowe, and M.R. Koelling 2004. Chlorophyll fluorescence and needle chlorophyll concentration of fir (Abies spp.) seedlings in response to pH. HortScience 39:1121-1125.

Cregg, B.M. 2004. Selecting trees for improving drought tolerance: theoretical and practical consideration. Acta Horticulturae 630:147-156.


Proceedings publications

Cregg, B.M., P. Nzokou, and R. Goldy. 2008. Growth and physiology of newly planted Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) and Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) in response to mulch. IN: Thomsen, I.M., Rasmussen, H.N. & Sørensen, J.M. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 8th International Christmas Tree Research and Extension Conference. Forest & Landscape Working Papers No. 26-2008, Forest & Landscape Denmark, Hørsholm, p.61-64.

Cregg, B.M. D. Mota-Sanchez, D.G. McCullough, T. Poland, and R.M. Hollingowrth. 2006. Distribution of 14C Imidacloprid in Fraxinus spp. and effects of imidacloprid on EAB adults. IN: Emerald Ash Borer: Research and Technology Development Meeting USDA Forest Service and USDA APHIS Forest Service Forest Health Enterprise Team Report FHTET 2005-19. pp.24-25.

Cregg, B.M. and Grant Jones. 2005. Interspecific variation in adaptive traits of true firs (Abies spp). Proc. Southern Nursery Association Aug. 8-10 Atlanta, GA.

Coleman, M.D., Coyle, D.R., Blake, J., Britton, K., Campbell, R.G., Cox, J., Cregg, B.M., Daniels, D., Jacobson, M., Johnsen, K., McDonald, T., McLeod, K., Nelson, E., Robison, D., Sanchez, F., Standturf, J., Stokes, B., Trettin, C., Tuskan, J. Wright, L., and Wullschleger, S. 2004. Production of short-rotation woody crops grown with a range of nutrient and water availability: establishment report and first-year Reponses. USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station General Technical Report SRS-72. 21 p.

Dr. Bert  Cregg, Associate Professor

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